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ERP implementation is an IT job, right? Maybe not..

The other day I met an IT guy. He is a professional expert and he said, he’s boss appointed him to do the entire ERP setup from now on. Find the best solution and take care of the implementation.

In this particular case, it means, no one wants to manage this task, although it’s a must-have software, so let’s entrust the IT guy because he is the most talented person in this field. Apparently.

We might think it’s correct, right? But let’s dig a little bit deeper. What skills does a person to set up an ERP need?

1, clear vision of the future goals

2, see the present state of the firm

Nevertheless, the IT guy mostly knows well the IT related issues and sees the whole picture from an IT viewpoint. Which is absolutely right! But far from enough for a decent ERP set-up.

So unless we wanna’ have a very logical solution (which is unusable for us, consequently we use on our Excel tables instead), please do not let the IT guy manage the cumbersome procedure of an ERP set-up.

I recommend appointing someone who is aware of the 2 mentioned points above and who is inviting to the ERP interviews the proper persons just at the right time, including the IT expert. Later.


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You’re fired!

I’ve been to an organization to survey the business processes and provide a decent quote for ERP implementation. Everything went just well and next time we handed our profound offer and explained the details to the representative woman. She also shared a secret with us: there is only one competitor left apart from us.

Everything goes well – I thought unless I got a text from the representative lady in the same evening (!), with the following information: “I’m fired, and my ex-boss also asked me to let you know, he chose the other company to implement the ERP software.”

I asked for more info politely so she replied, that the leader knows someone in the other competitor company, that’s why he decided to lay her off. Even though she was recruited half a year, so to coordinate the whole implementation, ’till the successful finish.

Well, each and every ERP implementation requires 2 project managers;  1 from the part of supplier, and 1 on the other side, in the buyer company. Since this is a crucial fact, the mentioned boss’s decision is something like this: we have a bus and a driver. When everyone is on board and the bus is on the move already, he asks the driver to leave the bus, just because he is needless in the future apparently.

The ERP implementation is definitely cumbersome and the road is bumpy. And it doesn’t end when you select the right supplier. What’s more, it’s just the beginning of an ordeal! This painful procedure needs someone who coordinates and manages every aspect of the implementation. Otherwise, we just strengthen the 37% of the unsuccessful ERP implementations worldwide.

So watch out for the necessary roles in the ERP procedure, because this is the proper way to increase our chance to have great software at the end!

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Brief personal introductory video in the signature?

As we all know, time is money.  It may sound boring, but true. Why does it worth for our clients to meet us? Well, in my opinion, it’s definitely important to let our counterpart know who we are, what our values are and what sort of company we are representing.

The reason is easy. As the title depicts, time is money. As for me I also would like to know the person I’m about to meet.

Now 2 of our sales colleagues are video-ready and have a nice brief (Hungarian) video in their signature.

Video of Andor Jelinek:

Video of Peter Molnár:


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Why is it important to have client testominals?

First of all, it’s the best way to have a new client to find their own problems in the video.

As one of our clients said the other day: “as I watching the video, I’m getting pretty sure, that you guys can provide a solution to my problems too. Because it’s a quite similar situation”

And what do you need to have in a video like this? Basically 2 things: what was the situation like before our product, and what is it like now? A typical before/after video just in 2 minutes at most. I also recommend mentioning the reason they chose us.

And of course, the more testimonial video we have, the more credible we are. This is the miracle of the PR!

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Viva the web based applications!

Once upon a time, there were basically 2 types of software: Desktop and web-based. Of course, we also recommended to our clients to choose according to their specific needs.

In those times the Windows-based software was faster, reliable and more robust. Moreover, you could build practically whatever you wanted, without limitations. Nevertheless, the list of advantages and the clear benefits have gone by now, and there is no valid reason to offer and prefer these types of applications (thick client, only Windows desktop software).

What we can offer honestly nowadays is the web-based applications, because it’s FAST, SECURE, YOU CAN BUILD ANYTHING, RUNS ON ANY PLATFORM (LAPTOP, TABLET, MOBILE) and ABSOLUTELY NO NEED TO INSTALL at all.

Disadvantages? Well, not really. I mean, I can’t name any. So let’s admin: Windows-based desktop applications are obsolete. Yes, there is much such software out there, but here in Amtech Systemhouse we only develop ERP systems to the web from now on, because this is really future-proof!

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Functions, or business value?

Just think about it! Do you really want to have a drill or you just want to have a working lamp to get light? Or who cares about the paper ticket itself, when you just want to get to the other bank of the river?

First, define the goal, then choose the right asset to reach it.

Okay, you might say, we all know this pretty well. Nevertheless, we forget to apply in practice. It’s mostly true in the case of the IT suppliers, unfortunately. The IT shows up and begins to demonstrate and detail the functions of the ERP software. Yes, it matters, right after we all realize the goal, which is the real business value. Without this information, how anyone could know if it is the proper solution to the problem? Can we reach our goal with this asset?

So, how should it look like then?  It’s pretty simple, if you really care about your client, not just about the sale. The right question is: “what is your problem in the company, what would you like to optimize?” Check the Achilles heel of different business processes.

And that’s all actually. Every CEO replies eagerly and enumerates the problems, just because we care about it. Then the IT guy can present the possible solution to the problems. I have to admit that a unique ERP can handle this situation more easily than a ready to use (packed) software. This gonna’ be an interesting and useful conversation from the viewpoint of the client as well, unlike watching different and boring software functions without a purpose..

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When you failed, do this!

evey now and then we experience the bad results of an overdue, overcost, etc project, which is not optimal of course.

Surely we could defend our positions and say things like that: “70% of the ERP implementations are doomed to fail”. And we justified the uncomfortable situation, right?

Wrong! What is first rule, when you want to climb out from a pit? To get to know, that you are in a pit! So facing the truth, involving another (3. party) colleague with fresh viewpoint and work out a new schedule is far more useful than hide and hope…

We have to take responsibility all the time for our actions (that makes us larger than life) and moreover, the client will be also more satisfied and happy with us, seeing we admit our fault and we have a down-to-earth new (!) plan to solve it.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” — Albert Einstein

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Respect the competitors!

Honestly I don’t like to hear the following opinions: “I know those guys and they are really awful”, or “I could tell you some terrible stories about that firm…” It’s because every coin has 2 sides, right? And the other party is not there, to protect his product/service, or company.

I have my own strategy and I never judge the competitors during a client interview, just to be the choosen one. I only say a few words about the known strength of the software, so the client can make his/her own conclusion, if it’s fit, or not for the requirements.

What I usually say, like “that’s a quite good software, neverthless, you grew over it” And it gets us on the same page immediately, without creating dislike.

What’s more, I also feel better 🙂

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The old school HR system and the new working one.

What was the big idea in the near past?

The employee goes to the office and sits in one fixed place almost all day long. He/she works from 9 to 5 and obligated to use the company’s assets (like the computer and other stuff). And the whole grind starts over the very next day.

Now here is the thing: time has changed and this idea is just outdated. We are living in the era of the DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION, and we all need to catch-up before it’s too late.

The alarm bell rings already, the new generation of employees do not look for this old school HR system. Work remotely, in home office, from anywhere, anytime and so on.

Do you think there is a shortage of decent experts nowadays? I don’t think so. We employes and entrepreneurs have to live up to their new standards and mindset. That’s a significant difference indeed.

Understanding and accepting is not enough anymore.  We need to step forward quickly because this “Digital train” is around to depart soon and doesn’t wait for us too long.

Check this out:

(it’s in Hungarian, nevertheless still quite talkative)

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Responsibility is the great difference!

-We have talked to each other before, correct? – I asked the client

– Oh, yeah, but there is no other competitors around now – replied the client

So, what has changed since then? I thought we have lost the game and a lucky fellow won.

It quite easy: we have a pretty stable understanding about how to implement an ERP software. And surprisingly enough it’s not just about the software, the functions, the data migration or training. This is about taking responsibility for that firm. And beacuse we clearly understood it, we deliver a software that makes no compromises over the users’s requirements.

Meanwhile the competitors delivered a nice car without proper dashboard and some excuses, our company focused on the point: professional dashboard to control and manage the whole company. Because it’s our responsibility and the future of the company depends on us.


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