Customized is NOT Custom-Made!

Customized is NOT Custom-Made!

3 expressions:

  • Ready to wear
  • Made-to-measure
  • Bespoke

These are the three expressions we distinguish when we are about to buy a new suit.

In case of „ready to wear” we walk into a store, take it off the hanger, heading to to fitting room and we check how good it fits to us. We also ask our dad, mom, girlfriend or wife. Yeah yeah this is not bad, altough it’s a bit tight here, loose in the waist and short in the sleeve. Whatever, the point is we have to make compromises, just accept it how it is or we can decide not to buy it.

The next we are talking about is the „made-to-measure”. This type is made by a pre-tailored pattern that can be modified for the needs of costumers later. People look for a tailor to loosen here, sew in there and remodel it. Yeah…It fits you a bit better now than the previous option, but it is still not the ideal for you. Laymans often mix it up with the unique suits, but for the professionals these two types mean two different things.

And now we have come to the type called „bespoke”, namely the realy unique, handmade suits that is tailored for the costumers strictly by their specific needs. We walk into a tailor who measures our dimensions and discuss every little details of the desired suit. Then he starts working on it, probably requires a few other meetings to refine the discussion and secure we get what we ordered. Then eventually OUR suit will be born that no one else has and it is going to fit perfectly.

Let’s take a look at the same thread in case of ERP systems:

For the first, we open our browser, like we just walk into a store, search for some software then we watch some videos about it, we download the 7 days free trial (fitting room 🙂 ), we try to pick the one that can fulfill our requirements on some level and we are good to go..Its fast, cheap but we have to force our company and its processes into it.

The next ones are the premade ERP systems that are usually modular, so they are open for some kind of smaller-bigger changes. Just like these kind of suits, its a bit tight here, loose there but mehh…it’s gonna be ok. In the same way, they are often mixed up with the custom developed softvers as well.

But in case of custom developed ERP systems, we tailor the „suit” fully for your company needs and processes. As in the tailor store, we meet personally to assess the detailed, specific needs. We talk and discuss your goals, reveal the problems and obstacles and find the best solutions for you, just like the tailor measure our dimensions. Knowing these, we start the develpoment, stay in touch for the whole time, test until our own suit is completely done, that is unique, only ours and it fits us perfectly.

Consequently, if you do not mind making compromises, changing and adapting your processes so your company can fulfill the requirements of a softwer, or you make this decision considering only the cost, then a premade ERP system is an option for you. If this is not enough and you would like a system that satisfy the needs of our company 100% and serves you, then it is not a question, the optimal choice is the custom-made ERP system.

Unique ERP System

amtech system houseThe Amtech System house was founded in 2009 as a legal successor of Admin-Soft limited (2005). Our company has more than 10 years’ business development experience in all and works with 19 employees (project managers, developers, testers, experts, etc.) Company Portfolio /  Website Our exclusive mission is to develop and implement business applications with unique functions. As a result of our work, the client doesn’t have to use Excel tables and also has a chance to eliminate any obsolete software. These easy-to-use applications are custom tailored to always meet the customer’s requirements. Of course we also maintain the software in this ever-changing world.

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