Handling Incidents and Defects with OnContact CRM

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When challenges for your customer service team arise (incidents, products defects, etc.), your team needs to be ready and equipped to handle them. With OnContact CRM, you’ll have no reasons to panic, and your team will be ready for just about anything that comes their way. Let’s take a look on a more granular level at the various features included in our all-in-one customer relationship management tool related to incident management and defect tracking.

Incident Tracking

Incident tracking is crucial to having a successful customer service department. Your team needs to know the cases that are currently opened or unresolved, any related cases that might prove useful to existing scenarios, a complete history of every incident, and the ability to categorize incidents as specifically as possible. OnContact’s customer relationship management solution makes that all possible. With all of these resources and tools available, your customer service team will be productive like never before.

Incident Escalation

Don’t let existing incidents go unresolved, or lose track of priority levels. With incident escalation, your customer service reps will never have to worry about being overloaded with too many cases or resolutions to handle. Administrators and managers need only configure their customer relationship management solution to ensure that cases are escalated to reps that have the time and capabilities necessary to resolve the issue. In addition, managers are able to reassign incidents and mark different levels of priority to ensure the case is being handled promptly and by the right person. Once escalated, managers and administrators will be able to see and analyze all of the historical data within OnContact’s customer service reports and dashboards.

Customer Service Reports

What’s the point in collecting and storing historical data without being able to go back in and look at detailed reports and analytics? With OnContact CRM’s interactive reports and dashboards, managers and administrators will have all of the tools and information they could ever ask for.

Dashboards are available for managers and administrators looking to analyze and get a bird-eye view of any outstanding incidents, track team performance, analyze trends in customer resolutions or product defects, escalate incidents, rearrange rep workloads, and so much more.

Reports are available for managers and administrators to drill down into details and share that information with others. Reports within OnContact can be customized to ensure only the data that’s necessary is included; once customized, reports can then be exported and shared.

Defect Tracking

Don’t let product model defects stump your customer service team and leave them unable to handle the situation. With OnContact’s defect tracking and escalation functionality, your team will be equipped with any and all resources needed to ensure that the situation is handled with care, recorded precisely, and resolved in an organized, efficient way that leaves the customer and the customer service rep satisfied. Specifically, your customer service team will be equipped with comprehensive categorization options, able to add notes and attachments to records, and escalate cases as necessary.

Below are many of the criteria that can be used to classify bugs and incidents:

  • Type
  • Priority level
  • Status
  • Part
  • Version
  • Product

With all of these information categorized, your reps (and their administrators) will always have historical data to rely on in case they need to go back and look at past records.

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Original writer, and full story: // Handling Incidents and Defects with OnContact CRM

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