How to Keep Millennial Workers Engaged

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Are you correctly managing your millennial employees and keeping them engaged in your business’s mission? Here are a few pointers to help you out.

Learning and development

Education and continuous professional development are crucial to the millennial generation. In order to keep millennials engaged in the mission, you need to be able to offer some sort of reward or skill growth opportunities, such as workshops, conference attendance, or even continuing education reimbursement. Millennial workers will jump on these opportunities and feel empowered you’re placing trust in their continuing development as learners and leaders.


Yes, it’s true that the millennial generation isn’t one to stick with one job over a long period of time. To help eliminate this challenge, ensure you can actually prove there are advancement opportunities or areas of growth within the company. If there’s no chance of advancement in sight, retention among young talent will diminish.

Purposeful work

Want your millennial workers to love what they do and actually stay engaged throughout the entire work week? Their roles better be purposeful and have meaning. Unlike past generations, who were comfortable doing the work they had to and heading home, millennials need to be passionate about the work they’re doing. They’re not going to settle for whatever comes their way, and they’ll switch jobs until they find the perfect fit. Be able to show millennials how powerful and influential their role is in order for them to thrive.


Millennial workers want to be involved in the company culture of your business. Which is great, because having them involved in the culture of the company will help with engagement and retention. In addition, younger workers will often bring a unique mindset and ideas to the table where older generations might not be able to.

Use technology

Having grown up with the boom of the internet, millennials are naturally in-tune with most technologies present in today’s workforce. If your team is full of young workers, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to consider implementing automation software solutions such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM). While the new software solution will have a learning curve for anyone, millennials will appreciate the use of technology over more outdated tools.

Corporate wellness initiatives

Wellness and philanthropy are huge in this generation. Consider partnering with a nearby local philanthropy or community service organization in order to give back to your community. Millennials, and indeed other generations in the workforce will appreciate the opportunity and join in the philanthropic endeavors. By doing so, you’ll be promoting collaboration between departments and generations as well, which can help overall team culture.

Flexible scheduling

We’re sure you’ve heard of flexible scheduling. That thing where employees have the opportunity to work from home when they need to, or leave early and work later instead. It’s catching on, and what’s being found is that people are actually more productive and less inclined to call off of work. But remember, flexible scheduling might not be the best opportunity for everyone. Just because the worker is a millennial doesn’t mean they’ll work well at home.

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Original writer, and full story: // How to Keep Millennial Workers Engaged

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