Think of your CRM Users like a Football Team’s Offense

Original writer, and full story: // Think of your CRM Users like a Football Team’s Offense

What is the most popular sport in America? Football. What do many people talk about on Monday’s in the office? Football. But what they may not know, is that using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a lot like a football offense. In both cases, all users or players must be on the same page with the same goal. They all need to be working in the same system, with updated information. There are many others, so let’s take a closer look at the parallels between the two.

Power users are like the Quarterbacks. Quarterbacks are in change and knowledgeable about everyone on the field. They can change plays, adjust player’s positions on the field, and read a defense to make the proper play. They lead the team in a manner that is professional and conducive to winning. Consider a power user in that same way; they are often across the software in many areas and were involved in the CRM decision, implementation, or updates at some point. They often help other employees as they know a lot about the software.

Specialty users are like skill players. Skill players have specific, defined roles where they excel and are expected to perform at a high level. There are no excuses for not being good at their role and plan all week to play hard. A WR needs to know all the routes and be on the same page as his QB. A RB needs to know if a pass play calls for him to block and run a route. They all need to do their own roles and come together to achieve perfection. Likewise, a company will have CRM users for different parts of the CRM. A Marketing Manager will be involved in the email campaigns and lead tracking, whereas a Sales Manager will spend more time tracking pipelines, sales numbers, and managing the sales representatives. Separate with some crossover, but need to be experts in their area and work together to make the company succeed.

View only or light users are like coaches. Coaches are not on the field so they do not impact the game like a player can, but their play calling, schemes, designs, etc. can be the difference between a win and a loss. They call the shots from the sidelines or in the press box with the goal of using what they see to get the best outcome. View only and light users do a lot of the same things. They see the data and use it to maximize company output. They do not impact performance like a power user could, but they have an important role to play nonetheless. Whether they are on-site or not, they have a presence that is important.

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Original writer, and full story: // Think of your CRM Users like a Football Team’s Offense

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