An example of a failed digital transformation

Democratic voting conducted in the Iowa state of the USA the other day. This was a preliminary election (for the candidates) for the upcoming presidental election in 2020. Usual election in modern suite: let”s use an application! One and half day elapsed and only 71% of the votes had been processed. I think it”s far from acceptable.

Fault No 1.

The majority of the people in that particular state use and old school cell phone. The application simply doesn”t run on that mobile.

*conclusion: before installing a new service, or product, always make a profound survey, to get to know the appropriate skills of the target audience. Otherwise no would use it.

Fault No. 2.

People mostly downloaded the app during the night of the voting and not before. If you say, to download the app and try it out on your own, is a perfect recipe for failure. So voters began to vote over land line phone, or mobile.

*conclusion: take time to educate and train, or else users would be afraid of the new.

Fault No. 3.

the whole system had serious performance issues. It means, more people used it than developers predicted before. They might said, it”s gonna” be okay. But it didn”t 🙂

*conclusion: to perform testing procedures are less expensive than loosing money and valuable time over a malfunctioning system.

In all, we can see, the solutions behalf the Digital Transformation are not free from the good old human failures.  So let”s learn from the faults, or else the new and proudly announced solution doesn”t live up to our expectations at the end.

Unique ERP System

amtech system houseThe Amtech System house was founded in 2009 as a legal successor of Admin-Soft limited (2005). Our company has more than 10 years’ business development experience in all and works with 19 employees (project managers, developers, testers, experts, etc.) Company Portfolio /  Website Our exclusive mission is to develop and implement business applications with unique functions. As a result of our work, the client doesn’t have to use Excel tables and also has a chance to eliminate any obsolete software. These easy-to-use applications are custom tailored to always meet the customer’s requirements. Of course we also maintain the software in this ever-changing world.

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