Planned obsolescence in a software?

Theres is no such a thing!

And actually this would be the end of this article, but let’s talk about it a bit. 🙂

As we all know it exists in most of the industries, like cars, printers, lightbulbs, you name it. The product would last for decades, but it doesn’t worth (economicaly) for the manufacturer, right?Consequently the procuct inclines to come up with different errors every now and then, as a result of the built-in errors.

Nevertheless the software is a different animal. If you buy and set up the software, it’s going to work as long as you need. Of course you have to upgrade it and extend it’s features from time to time, otherwise you can’t ensure the quality as compared to your competitors. Yes, it’s mandatory and paramount. In return you can expect it to work for as long as you want to!

Let’s take for instance 2 of our trustworthy clients. One of them has been using our commercial manager ERP software for more than 10 years and it’s still doing well. Of course we maintain it and it’s still fast and fulfill the high level of their requirements.

The other one has been using for 9 years and the only reason he upgrade to the next version (which is web-based) is that there is a great opportunity to get financial aid from a EU tender.


Unique ERP System

amtech system houseThe Amtech System house was founded in 2009 as a legal successor of Admin-Soft limited (2005). Our company has more than 10 years’ business development experience in all and works with 19 employees (project managers, developers, testers, experts, etc.) Company Portfolio /  Website Our exclusive mission is to develop and implement business applications with unique functions. As a result of our work, the client doesn’t have to use Excel tables and also has a chance to eliminate any obsolete software. These easy-to-use applications are custom tailored to always meet the customer’s requirements. Of course we also maintain the software in this ever-changing world.

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