Speak in a plain way!

Have you ever noticed, that you don’t understand somebody, beacuse he/she speaks with industry related terminology? You can have such an experience in many area of your life and it’s really one of the main aspects of the ill fame of IT.

But what if you need to understand the expert, because you want to buy that service or product? Well, probably you say something like: “thanks, I’ll think about it” and the proposed business flew away 🙂

When you talk with someone, always be sure your counterpart is fully understand you. Otherwise it’s just a waste of the valuable time which is a crime nowadays 🙂



Unique ERP System

amtech system houseThe Amtech System house was founded in 2009 as a legal successor of Admin-Soft limited (2005). Our company has more than 10 years’ business development experience in all and works with 19 employees (project managers, developers, testers, experts, etc.) Company Portfolio /  Website Our exclusive mission is to develop and implement business applications with unique functions. As a result of our work, the client doesn’t have to use Excel tables and also has a chance to eliminate any obsolete software. These easy-to-use applications are custom tailored to always meet the customer’s requirements. Of course we also maintain the software in this ever-changing world.

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